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About Us

For more than 15 years, National Crime Scene Cleanup in the State of Maryland has been a trusted service for residents. Our services are available 24/7 for blood cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup and much more. Our field offices in your area are ready to dispatch certified professional biohazard technicians to a home, office, or vehicle location.

Call Maryland Crime Scene Cleanup 1-844-255-2461

From Montgomery and Prince George’s counties to the City of Baltimore, Anne Arundel County, and Frederick County, we service the entire state of Maryland. You can be sure that our discreet, compassionate, and professional crews will arrive within hours of you reaching out to our friendly dispatch office at 1-844-255-2461.

Maryland Area Field Locations

Feel free to click on Maryland area links below to gather relevant up-to-the-minute government and hotline information. We hope this helps aid your quest in making important decisions on a day we understand could be out of the norm for any person or family.

Who Can We Help?

Throughout the “Old Line State” or as many would call Maryland the “Free State,” there are many great communities and a rich history. We are pleased to offer our specialized cleaning services for all residents of Maryland. We are affectionately known to our customers as “Crime Scene Cleanup Maryland.” Our crews respond to and are deployed for cleanups like crime scenes, post-mortem and unattended death, homicide, home and vehicle blood cleaning, suicide, and many other biohazard situations.

Did you know this about Maryland? The official flag of the state of Maryland consists of the heraldic banner of George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore. The flag was officially adopted by the Maryland General Assembly in 1904.

Payment Options

The cost of our services varies depending on your situation. Many of our services are covered under general homeowners insurance policies, please ask us for details. On most occasions, we can assist you with filing an insurance claim on your behalf without any fees. We pride o